Entomophagy in Vienna – a Vision for Our Future? Are the Viennese Ready to Eat Insects?

Insects, the food of our future? Insects present a more ecologically attractive source of protein in comparison to conventional meat as they require less water and feed, and a greater proportion of their bodies can be eaten. Also, they provide an energy supply two to three times higher than conventional meat. Many people worldwide have had a long tradition of consuming insects, which are high in valuable proteins and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, Europeans still seem to show reluctance due to a culturally induced feeling of disgust towards those dirty and infectious creatures.

Are the Viennese ready to eat insects? We asked them.

First, the paper lists ecological, economic and sociological information regarding insects as food for humans retrieved from several books and online sources, as well as from an interview with a purveyor of insects. Then, a survey about people’s attitudes towards entomophagy with over 2,000 participants will be presented and the results analysed. The paper finally concludes with a discussion concerning the future of entomophagy in Vienna and ideas for improvements to promote entomophagy.

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Leo Stöger



Betreuende Universität

Universität Wien

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